The Silent Pope
Pius XII
He eliminated the Italian majority in the College of Cardinals in 1946.
Madre (Mother) Pascalina Lehnert (August 25, 1894óNovember 13, 1983)
Madre Pascalina wrote her autobiography in 1959. Church authorities permitted its publication only in 1982.
Holy Cross of Menzingen
Lehnert remained as his housekeeper, a post she would continue to fill until his death in 1958.
Her most outspoken critics within the Vatican labelled her La Papessa or the "She Pope"" and sought, without success, to have her dismissed from the Papal Household.
Madre Pascalina also published several articles, in which she described the daily life and routine of the pontiff.
Josefina Lehnert
260th Pope
Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli
the new Musical
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