The most distinguishing quality of a musical is, of course, the music itself. In this area, Allen M. Dion has written beautiful ballads, production numbers, and other song styles ranging from Latin to whimsical. Use the     buttons to listen to the music of La Popessa, the new Musical by Allen M. Dion
the Music
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All songs Copyright © 1984-2011 Allen M. Dion, Paul N. Dion
No song(s) or partial song(s) may be used without expressed permission of the composers.
All songs on the La Popessa CD were arranged and performed by Paul N. Dion on the Yamaha Tyros3 Workstation
produced by Paul N. Dion and Dion Studios
La Popessa Website Copyright © 1984-2019
These are older instrumental versions of the songs.

A NEW FULL DEMO is now in production!
May-July 2019