Words and Music by Allen M. Dion and Paul N. Dion
Produced by Paul N. Dion
A Silent Pope
A Woman in the Conclave
Good Catholic Man
I Don't Understand
How Do I Address Him?
In His Eyes (underscoring variation one)
In His Eyes
Pius' Theme
Never Heard of Her
Shall I Cross the Bridge
Lapopessa (title song)
Knowing the Good Sister
Pascalina is a Very Nice Name
The Bolsheviks
Proud to Stand Beside the Man
Million Dollar Deal
To Love Against the Odds
The Vatican
Timing is Everything (Part One) Pacelli's Address
The Debate
What is a Nun?
The Prayer
You Learn to Measure Your Life
The Innocence of Our Love
The Papal Keys
Timing is Everything (Part Two) I Miss You
Timing is Everything (Part Three) The Arrangement
This Man's Church
In the Shadow of His Soul
(in .pdf form)
Tunnel Them to Freedom
Kesselring's Threat
The Coronation (instrumental)
Mountain Retreat
In the Public Eye
The Lateran Treaty
Secretary of State
Welcome to the Vatican
The Moment
Good Catholic Man - reprise
Never Heard of Her - reprise
The New Boss
Being a Jew
In the Shadow of His Soul - reprise
Tisserant's Retribution
There Were Better Times